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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Make A Gift Bag Using Envelopes

Today we're starting to get gifts ready for Mother's Day. Tristan made a gift bag for Grandma made from an ordinary envelope. If you want to be green or frugal check my blog about the same project here.

What you'll need...

Envelope, Any Size or Color (Makes 2 Bags)
Glue or Tape
Hole Punch
Pipe Cleaners (Yarn or Ribbon For Handles)
Crayons or Markers

1. Seal the envelope and then cut it in half widthwise.

2. Decorate the bag with crayons or markers

3. Fold the uncut edges in about 3/4" (2cm), creasing them well.

4. With a hole punch, punch out 2 holes for handles on each side

5. Open one half, place your hand inside, and reverse the folds to the inside.

6. Tape or glue the corner triangular flaps to teh bottom of the bag.

7. Put the pipe cleaners through the holes to make handles.

All done!


Sarah said...

Cute project! I know my kids would love coloring their own little gift bags. These would also be great for birthday party treat bags. Fun!

Thanks for linking up have a wonderful weekend~

Katie, Kevin and kids said...

Thanks for the fun project idea. I'll have to give it a try with our kids.

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