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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tristan's First Day Of School

Today is Tristan's first day of school. Well, it's a pre-school program for children ages 3-5 for 2 days a week. This is only for 1 month, so that's good for me. As a parent, this is a very nerve wrecking moment. Tristan has never been to a pre-school or play group before with out me. He is a very outgoing little 4 years old, so I knew it wouldn't be a problem for him, just for me.

This morning we packed his bag and got him ready for school and he was so excited. Of course I've been trying to think of excuses why he shouldn't go to school. I know, that's pretty lame. Anyway, we got into the car and drove to the school. One of his teachers, that have been coming to our home through out the school year greeted us outside. He started to head to the teacher and I yelled, hey how about a hug. So he turned around and ran back to me and gave me a tight hug, and say bye mommy!

I went back home and started watching the clock. 45 minutes after I dropped him off, the phone rings. I read the caller Id and it was the school. The first thing I thought of was on no what happen. But it was just his teacher calling to reassure me that he's doing great, playing with the other kids and even used the bathroom. So after the phone call I felt more at ease.

At 11:00 I arrived at the school to pick him up. He was outside playing with a little girl. His teacher approched me and told me he had a really good time and that he was very good. I felt so happy for him. After about 5 minutes before he even noticed I was there, I waved to him. He yelled "Hi Mommy! Go to McDonalds?" Which I did promise him that I would bring him to McDonalds, so we did.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Teaching Children About Money

As adults we all know how important money is and how much trouble it can cause if we are not responsible with it. We need to take the time to teach our children just how important money is and how to use it. I want my children to be knowledge and hope they make the right decisions on spending it and let them also know that credit is not always the answer. I remember an episode from the TV series Little House On The Prairie, where Charles said when he bought something it was always "Cash On The Barrel". I want my children to have that attitude. If you don't have the money for something then you can't get it.

Here is what I'm doing with my children...

As soon as Tristan was able to count, we introduced him to coins. It was just putting and counting the coins into a piggy bank. He counted how many coins we had then we taught him what each coin is called. Soon we will be teaching him the value of each coin. I tell him that this money is what you use if you want to buy something from the store.

For Christmas this year, Tristan will be doing some purchasing with his money. Even if it is from the dollar store, it'll be very fun, educational and teaching the importance of giving.

My children also know that just because we go to a store for a few items don't mean we're going to buy something for them every time. We have a list and we go by. Sometimes when we do go shopping we'll add "Shoes For Tristan". Since he knows it's on the list, we'll get that special "Tristan" item.

Another way to get children involve with saving money for something they want, we've set up a chart for Tristan to use for a "Goal". If he wants a certain toy we have the chart with the toy listed on it with how many $1.oo bill's he will need to buy it. Once the goal is completed then the next time we go shopping, it get's put on our list so he can purchase it. After Tristan has purchased the item we keep the chart so he can have his own records of what he has saved up for and bought with his earned money. By keeping these visual charts, it will make him more aware and careful on his next item he wants to buy. This may help him become more "Wise" on purchases.

Tristan earns his money by doing certain chores around the house. Chores I feel are worth a money value. Money also get's added by birthdays, gifts and good 'ol Grandma.

You can get a "Childs Money Saving Chart" that I created here.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

First Swim Of Summer 2009

Thursday my boys' had their first swim of the season. Tristan loved it. He got right in and started swirling and splashing. I had to put Brayden & Jayden in the pool because they were unsure about it. It was 87 degrees and humid so it was hot. I even got my head wet.

Brayden liked it, but didn't stay in too long.

Jayden had more fun running around in his swimming trunks.

Tristan would go in and out through out the evening.

They all had a blast when Tristan started splashing.
All were laughing and having a grand time.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday Fun-Day #2

Friday Fun-day is a recap of all my favorite blogs throughout the week
that have some fun ideas to do with your children!

1. Janne @ Janne's Jabberwockey shares 35 swimming pool games for summer

2. Jolanthe @ Homeschool Creations is doing a "School's Out! Challenge" to keep her son on top of school work & house work. He earns points for prizes. Awesome idea.

3. Mandi @ Organizing Your Way put together cool "Ready To Go Craft Boxes" so the children will be ready to have something to do when boredom hits.

4. Marie @ Make And Takes shares a way to paint your toast and eat it too! How fun is that!

5. Over @ Creative Party Themes & Showers gave ideas on an Airplane Theme Birthday Party!

6. The Crafty Crow revisits Gardening Without Skills and shares a Photo Treasure Hunt.

7. Allie @ No Time For Flashcards show's us how to make a Recycled Mailbox.

8. Amanda @ Funny Days With Mommy and Maddie shares a counting card game.

9. Sandy @ Just For Fun shares a way to make bath paints.

10. Amanda @ Funny Days With Mommy and Maddie shares a cute number book they made using paper bags.

11. Jedda @ This Little Project shares how to make wooden people.

12. Megan @ Brassy Apple shares a really cool I Spy tutorial.

13. Shannon @ Of Cabbages & Kings shows how she created a Busy Jar to help with summer vacation boredom.

14. Amanda @ Funny Days With Mommy and Maddie created some counting boats.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Creating An Online Wii Mii Character

I have been doing some research online for my son's birthday in November. Yeah, I know it's still awhile, but I need to find everything that will make his birthday fun and memorable! We're going to be having a Wii Bowling Birthday party. One of the things I want to do is to create Mii Characters for all the guest, but I just couldn't figure out how to do it. I want to print them out and make them for cupcake toppers or name badges. I still haven't quite figure it out what I'm going to use them for, but anyway I finally found a website that helps create Mii's just like on the Wii. Do you want to know too? Ok, here's the link Hope this helps others who have been looking for the same thing. If you create a Mii, share it with me. I'd like to see it. Just leave a link in the comments.

I'll be updating periodically on what I'm doing or finding for Tristan's Birthday Party.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Muffin Tin Monday - Copycat Theme

Today's MTM theme is "Copycat Theme "
I copied from Mama Said There Would Be Day's Like This
who had Build A Bear theme. This is so cute.

Top Row: Bread Cut Into Bear Heads, Jimmies; Chocolate Chips & Candy Corn.
Bottom Row: Shredded Coconut, Peanut Butter & Marshmallows.

Here is Tristan's creation


Join the on link below

Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday Fun-Day #1

Friday Fun-day is a recap of all my favorite blogs throughout the week
that have some fun ideas to do with your children!

1. Amanda @ Funny Days With Maddie and Mommy put together a cool passport for her daughter whenever they are out on the town.

2. Sandy @ Organize With Sandy give's out a great idea on how to get your children involve with cleaning.

3. Carisa @ 1+1+1=1 explains how she keeps her children occupied and happy while out and about.

4. Kirsty @ Momedy also gives a fun way to get your children involved with routines.

5. @ It Feels Like Chaos has a great idea for Dad on Father's Day.

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