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Monday, April 27, 2009

Muffin Tin Monday - April 27, 2009

Today's MTM theme is "Under The Sea"

Top Row: JellyBelly Blueberry Pudding, Fish Sticks & Ocean Spray Cran-Raspberry Juice
Bottom Row: Miracle Whip, Gold Fish Crackers & Shark Fruit Snacks.

I have to say, my boy's have never had fish sticks before, but they ate them!
Thank you MTM!!

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Amanda said...

Where do you get JellyBelly blueberry pudding?!?! I think my husband would love that more than Maddie would!

Angie said...

LOL, I actually got it our local grocery store, Hannfords. I was going to buy the blue jello but saw this not to far from it and thought it would be yummy.

Michelle Sybert said...

great job! That blue pudding looks absolutely yummy!

Tiffany said...

My kids would LOVE the blue pudding. SO FUN!

Lori said...

eberyone tins are so cutea nd this one is no exception!!

Vickie said...

Yummy Tin! My kids would love it!

Val in the Rose Garden said...

What a great tin! I love the fruit snacks. I didn't see any that had an ocean theme... but we got penguins! :)


The Masked Mommy said...

I love your inclusion of "ocean spray" juice! :-)

Kayce and Robbie said...

I have found that my daughter won't eat anything that's blue :) My son doesn't seem to have the same problem.

I love introducing new foods in muffin tins... seems to make it more enticing. Especially when it's part of a theme.

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