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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tristan's First Day Of School

Today is Tristan's first day of school. Well, it's a pre-school program for children ages 3-5 for 2 days a week. This is only for 1 month, so that's good for me. As a parent, this is a very nerve wrecking moment. Tristan has never been to a pre-school or play group before with out me. He is a very outgoing little 4 years old, so I knew it wouldn't be a problem for him, just for me.

This morning we packed his bag and got him ready for school and he was so excited. Of course I've been trying to think of excuses why he shouldn't go to school. I know, that's pretty lame. Anyway, we got into the car and drove to the school. One of his teachers, that have been coming to our home through out the school year greeted us outside. He started to head to the teacher and I yelled, hey how about a hug. So he turned around and ran back to me and gave me a tight hug, and say bye mommy!

I went back home and started watching the clock. 45 minutes after I dropped him off, the phone rings. I read the caller Id and it was the school. The first thing I thought of was on no what happen. But it was just his teacher calling to reassure me that he's doing great, playing with the other kids and even used the bathroom. So after the phone call I felt more at ease.

At 11:00 I arrived at the school to pick him up. He was outside playing with a little girl. His teacher approched me and told me he had a really good time and that he was very good. I felt so happy for him. After about 5 minutes before he even noticed I was there, I waved to him. He yelled "Hi Mommy! Go to McDonalds?" Which I did promise him that I would bring him to McDonalds, so we did.


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