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Thursday, October 8, 2009

21 Halloween Candy Alternative Ideas

Halloween is a fun time for kids. As a child, I remember how much I love trick or treating, especially when I would get home and empty out my bag to see all variety of candy I received. But what got me really excited, where the Halloween treat bags I would open that did not have candy in them, but some sort of toy or other item that was not candy. It was like my Birthday or Christmas. Here is a list of 21 items you could give out to the trick or treaters in your town...

1. Juice Pouches
2. Granola Bars
3. Fruit Snacks
4. Cheese & Cracker Packages
5. Pencils With Halloween Erasers
6. Fun Books
7. Stickers
8. Playdoh (Halloween Colors)
9. Temporary Tattoo's
10. Small Bottles of Bubbles
11. Microwave Popcorn
12. Coins
13. Pre-Package Rice Krispie Treats
14. Fruit By The Foot
15. Post It Notes
16. Pre-Package Goldfish Crackers
17. McDonalds $1 Gift Certificates (Buy At McDonalds or Online)
18. Comic Books
19. Party Favors
20. Fortune Cookies
21. Glow Sticks


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