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Friday, March 20, 2009

Letter Of The Week - R Is For Rootbeer Floats

This week we've been working with the letter R. Today Tristan made a rootbeer float. But, because you need vanilla ice cream for rootbeer floats, and we didn't have any, we made it instead.
So first, we had to make the vanilla ice cream.

What you'll need...

1 Tablespoon Sugar
1/2 Cup Milk
1/4 Teaspoon Vanilla
6 Tablespoons Rock Salt (I didn't have any rock salt so we just used regular salt)
1 Gallon Size Ziplock Bag
2 Pint Size Ziplock Bags

1. Fill the gallon size ziplock bag with ice, about 1/2 full and add the salt and seal it.

2. Mix the sugar, milk and vanilla in the small pint size bag and seal it.
Then place it in the 2nd pint size bag.
I recommend this because, the first time we tried this, the pint size bag broke, and the ice cream was very salty. So it's just an extra precaution.

3. Open up the large bag and put the small inside and seal the large bag

4. Shake the bag and you'll see the mixture in the small bags turn into ice cream.
(It'll take about 5 minutes of shaking)

Open the small bag, and place in a bowl

Tristan had to try a bite



Time to make the rootbeer float.
Put about half of the mixed ice cream in the bottom of a cup

Then pore some rootbeer in the cup

Then put the remaining ice cream in the cup.
Drink and enjoy.


jennwa said...

That is so much fun, my kids love making ice cream in those bags.

Sharinskishe said...

This looks like so much fun! I think I could handle just a little bit of ice cream. I don't usually eat much ice cream because even though my taste buds love it, my gut doesn't.

I will have to try this with my kids, 11 and 13. They are still 'little' enough for this project. Even I (49) am 'little' enough for this project!!!

Thanks for posting. I will get back soon to read your older posts and get to know you better.

Thanks for sharing this.


Sarah said...

I can FINALLY leave a comment! I don't know why but it wasn't letting me before. Thanks for linking up to KFF.

Anyway....this is a great idea. It doesn't look like it took long - I want to make butter but think the girls will stay interested for about 5 min...and I know it takes longer than that.

I gave your wonderfully creative blog an award....go check it out!

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