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Monday, March 30, 2009

Muffin Tin Monday

This is our first Muffin Tin Monday featured on Her Cup Overfloweth. Tristan is not a big veggie eater, so maybe I'll have some luck using the muffin tins. I also need to buy another one so Brayden can participate in it as well.

Today was a no theme day, which is good, since this was my first time doing this. So here is what we had...

Top Roll: 1 banana, cottage cheese & carrot sticks
Bottom Roll: 3 chicken tenders, gold fish crackers & peanut butter

I do want to add, Tristan ate some of the carrots! Yay! No hesitation. Didn't eat all of them but it's a step forward.


Michelle Sybert said...

Thanks for joining us, give me a few minutes before your tin is up at my blog.

You did a great job and hooray for eating carrots!!!

~Bobbi~ said...

Great muffin tin! Hope to see more of them!

BranFlakes said...

Soon your kiddos will be screaming for a muffin tin every time you tell them it's a Monday, mine do! Great job!

Quevedo said...

Nice job - I'm sure he'll be willing to try more foods when presented in the tin... it works wonders for my kids.

sarah in the woods said...

Yummy-looking muffin tin. :)

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