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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Letter Of The Week - S For Shamrock

I've decided to work with Tristan on some of his education. Tristan is 4 and a little slow on his speech, but he does know his ABC's and he can count to 30 with no help. But he needs to learn how to write them. So because St. Patrick's Day is just a week away, I decided to start with the letter S.

Here is what we used:
Green Finger Paint
Paper Plate
Yellow Construction Paper
Shamrock Print Out

I printed out a shamrock which you can get from here.

I then had Tristan paint it green with finger paint.
I place some paint on a paper plate to make it easier for Tristan to use.

While we were waiting for the shamrock to dry, we grabbed the yellow piece of construction paper, and with Tristan's finger, wrote the letter S on the it.

After the shamrock was dry, we turned it over and put glue on the back

Tristan then flipped it over and placed it on the construction paper next to the letter S. Then tapping it in place.

Then it was finished


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