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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sticky Feet

Well Brayden & Tristan had fun on this activity! Got this idea from The Toddler Busy Book.

1. You will need, clear contact paper, scissors & tape

2. Cut the contact paper about 2 feet long. With the sticky side up, peel off the backing and tape down the contact paper.

Now the children are ready to play, check out Brayden & Tristan having fun with it:


Sarah said...

LOL - never would have thought of that one! Funny to see them having so much fun with it. Now if we could cross contact paper with packing bubbles I could have them entertained for hours popping sticky bubbles! Thanks for linking up! Enjoy your weekend :)

Sharinskishe said...

What a simple fun idea. Lots of fun with stickiness. This would freak out the cat, wouldn't it? LOL !!

Thanks for sharing with us.


Sarah said...

That's too funny, my son would love it!

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